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Someone Owes Me Money

Someone Owes Me Money

Taking legal action to recover money owed to you should be a last course of action, but you may still need the expert advice of a solicitor to help you decide what to do in the meantime.

Often, the threat of legal action is enough to get your money back. If this doesn’t work you need to show that you have made an effort to sort out the dispute before taking the matter to court.

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If a person or company owes you money and won’t pay, there are ways of recovering the debt. The action you take will depend on the size of the debt and your ability to prove that you are owed the money.

Speak to the person who owes you money. You may be able to informally agree a plan to get the money repaid.

If that doesn’t work, you can write a letter. Tell them:

  • how much they owe
  • what it’s for
  • what you have already done to try to get the money

If you are unable to come to an agreement over the debt, you can get help negotiating a solution using a mediation service. In mediation, someone from a mediation service helps two sides find a solution to a dispute. It can be quicker, cheaper and less stressful than going to court. The court will expect you to try to solve the dispute through negotiation or mediation before going to court. If mediation doesn’t work, you can still take a case to court.

If you’re not able to come to an agreement, it can be helpful to discuss your case with a solicitor who’s experienced in debt recovery. For a fee, they can write a letter to the person who owes you money. The letter can tell them that legal action may be taken if they don’t pay. A solicitor’s letter can produce quick results.

Talking with a solicitor can also help define your case in legal terms and help identify further action that may be available to you.

If you can’t settle the matter in any other way, you might want to make a claim in court. This is normally used as a last resort.

It’s important to remember that:

  • it can take months for a case to go to court
  • there’s no guarantee you’ll win the case
  • you may have to pay the other side’s costs if you lose the case
  • if the other side can’t pay (for example, they’re bankrupt or not working), it will be hard to get money back

If you’re owed the money, you may have to go back to court to get your money, as the court won’t automatically enforce a judgment.

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